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Gemstone Care

  • Most handmade gemstone jewelry requires little to no cleaning. In order to "neutralize" your product (that is, to remove negative energy from being touched and handeled during the creative process), we recommend that you sit your jewelry in dry salt (no water) for 24 hours prior to wearing. 


  • Oiling helps to make the beads stronger. After cleaning, feel free to rub your gemstones with an essential oil such as sandalwood. 

  • Storing your piece in a jewelry bag will help to keep the knotted thread and tassel clean.

  • To clean or refresh you tassel, simple wash gently in a bowl with lukewarm water, and with Woolite or Dawn detergent. Rinse well and hang to dry.

  • Spacer Beads and seed beads used in our products are brass and if wet or submerged in water, my change color.


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